i'm chloe, this is my personal blog, I'm a british 18 year old ♀ and thats pretty much it


what is your name?


promo for promo?

sure if im in the mood

follow me back:’)xoxoxoxox?

i’m really picky on my dash so if I don’t follow you its cos

  1. I either have too many blogs like yours,
  2. I dont like your blog. simple. 

ps if I unfollow you it just means im a bit bored of your stuff, dont take it personally,

*insert nice message/compliment*

thank you, you really dont know how much it means!

*insert nasty comment*

haters gon’ hate, but dont hate me cos you aint me

how long have you had this blog?

I’ve had this one since January 2012, but my first blog  was made in December 2009 but i deleted it ahah 

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